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Amy is one of life's special and gifted people. As soon as we met she put me at ease and explained everything that goes on during a reiki treatment. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in September 2023 and started seeing Amy for reiki healing in October 2023, just before I started chemotherapy. The weekly reiki sessions with Amy gave me a much needed feeling of positivity, healing and calm. Enabling me to cope both physically and mentally during all my treatment and surgery. I left each session energised and in a much better place. This is thanks to Amy. I sometimes think she can read and knows my body better than me! I have now been told (April 2024) by my oncology consultant that I've had a complete response to my treatment and no cancer can be found. I cannot recommend Amy highly enough.


Amy has a natural and powerful gift. One that is so needed. I drifted out of the room on a cloud. What a beautiful session. I could have spent all afternoon having a treatment and being given divine universal energy. Thank you Amy, it was wonderful.


Amy is such a gifted person and I am very glad to have had a chance to have a reiki treatment with her during our fantastic retreat in Greece. She has had such a deep impact on my entire system within only one treatment. I can not recommend her more highly to feel her magic.


After my treatment with Amy I felt much lighter and brighter, my lower back pain has now gone and my head feels clearer than it has for a while. Amy has given me some useful tips on areas to work on. I look forward to many more healing sessions with Amy!


I reached out to Amy for Reiki after being diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. I cannot believe the difference in my attitude and health that Amy has made. I feel very positive and my progress has surpassed medical expectations. Amy is extremely well trained, professional, trustworthy and understanding. Thanks to her incredible healing energy I am thriving and have a much-needed sense of calm.


I received a reiki treatment from Amy during a week long yoga retreat in Paros. I found it to be deeply relaxing and extremely beneficial. Amy was extremely professional and is clearly very knowledgable and intuitive. She is a very competent and gifted reiki practitioner. I plan to see Amy in London for further treatments. The wonderful treatment left me feeling lighter and calmer. Go see Amy and receive the gift of reiki.


I recently had the pleasure of a Reiki session with Amy. I didn’t know what to expect as it was the first time I had tried Reiki. Amy explained clearly what she would be doing throughout the session and made me feel instantly calm and relaxed. It was a very blissful hour of switching off peacefully. At the end Amy ran through what energy she felt. I was quite surprised by the accuracy of what she told me of some conditions and emotions I presently have. I slept well that evening and continued feeling good afterwards. I would definitely like to see Amy again for some further healing.


I thoroughly enjoyed my treatment with the gorgeous Amy. I went into a deeper than deep sleep and felt extremely peaceful.  She followed her I tuition and it was spot on. Thank you so much Amy and I look forward to the next time.


The most beautiful, fascinating and relaxing treatment. From start to finish Amy was calming, kind, and professional. I felt so lifted after my Reiki session and can't recommend Amy more highly, she was simply wonderful - thank you so much.


Amy has helped me so much since I started seeing her for reiki six months ago. After each treatment I feel up lifted and energised. She is always so flexible to see me, even outside of working hours. I couldn't recommend Amy more highly. Thank you so much for all of your guidance and healing.


I'm eternally grateful for my reiki treatments. It was such a joy to be supported in such a wonderful and healing way. Amy's authentic work is a beautiful reflection of your integrity, your values and you. You're an inspiration. Thank you so much.


After having reiki from Amy I was without a thought the entire time. Fully in my subconscious and now understand what people feel when they talk about transcending consciousness. Afterwards we discussed what Amy read through my body and she couldn't have been more correct. Thank you so much Amy. You are magic.


Amy thank you so much for the Reiki treatment today! It's such a meaningful and beautiful art. I am so grateful that I had a treatment today and was able to experience your Reiki. I appreciate your feedback and it touched my heart. I can't wait to do the next one with you.


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